Is there anything beyond fresh green grass and gardens in full bloom to know that the warm spring/summer months are here? Keep your lawns looking their best by maintaining your sprinkler systems. Here’s how.

Step 1. Do some cleaning.

Before you think about turning on the water, make sure to clean the debris off of existing sprinkler heads, system panels, and drip lines. Wiping them down and scraping off excess dirt from the season before will help as you move into the following step – checking for needed repairs.

Step 2. Check for cracks, breaks, and pressure.

You may have taken notice of broken heads, clogged drains, cracked valves and lines, or a decrease in voltage (avg. 24 VAC) and water pressure (40 to 65 PSI). Be sure to repair all of these issues before setting your schedules for the season. Catching small issues before they turn into big problems will not only save you time and money, but will help save your lawn, too.

Step 3. Flush out the lines.

Once everything has been checked and repaired, you’re ready to do a flush on your irrigation lines. Doing a full-pressure flush at the beginning of the season will help remove remaining debris within the line and will ensure it is running smoothly for the entire summer.

Step 4. Adjust your sprinkler system.

Through the dormant months, it is not uncommon for settings from last summer to move. Do a thorough check on how much water is releasing, the entire lawn is getting enough moisture, and the timing is triggering during the right time of the day (either early morning or late evenings).

Step 5. Maintain a system checkup schedule for a healthy lawn.

With any sprinkler system, you will want to make sure to make regular checks on the heads, valves, and operating components throughout the season. Regular maintenance will not only help keep your irrigation system running properly, but will keep your lawn looking green and healthy.


Here are a few more things for you to consider to give your lawn the best care this spring.

Install drip irrigation for landscaping

If your garden areas are spread out and not conducive to proper cover by your sprinkler system, consider installing drip irrigation. This simple system can be added to any landscaping area (even pots) and can save you the headache of pulling out your hose to water multiple times a day during the summer.

Add mulch to lock in moisture

During the hot summer months, mulch can be a great way to lock in moisture close to the ground within your gardens. Plus side: it will also help create a barrier for weeds!

Call the professionals

If this seems like it is going to take too much time or you simply want someone else to take care of the sprinkler system checklist for you, give us a call! Our team at Best Bet Lawn Care is trained in repairs, installations, and improving sprinkler systems.

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